Zoom, Zoom

We've had a few requests lately for Zoom recorders and, while they are awesome little machines, they just aren't something we use a lot.  We've talked about bringing them into the shop before but always found something else we wanted more from the wish list.  Well, we finally did it.  We are now offering the Zoom H4n recorder for rent.  It's a powerful little machine and, yeah, I'm going to say it, super cute! Zoom H4n

Fernando has gone back to school for a month.  He's at Full Sail getting educated about post production.  Fernando is really enjoying his time at his old stomping grounds and we can't wait to see what kind of information he brings back.

Keep an eye out on Ebay.  We are going to do another clean out and there will be more Zaxcom items up for auction.  There are so many new, cool things out there, but the shelves need to be emptied to make room.  Hopefully someone else will benefit from it!

Olympic fever is about to hit pretty hard!  We are not camera people, but has anyone else seen these pictures of Canon's Rio Stockpile???  Oh my goodness, even we can take a moment to appreciate how awesome that looks.  I'm trying to picture what something like that would look like with sound equipment and I can't even wrap my head around it.

Hope everyone is doing well and not melting in the last bit of summer.  Las Vegas temps have finally dropped below 110 so it's nice that it's starting to cool off!