Check 1, 2...Check 1, 2...Is This Thing Even On??

Oh, hi there!  Been awhile since we've checked in with the blog.  We were so busy getting the new and improved website up and going that we totally slacked on keeping up with this thing.  And by slacked, I might mean that we kept passing it back and forth like a hot potato until it got dropped, rolled under a sound cart and forgotten about.  We're back now and that's all that matters! We have a mailing list!  If you would like to sign up and stay up to date (for reals, not like this blog) please go to the home page and scroll down.  You can fill in the blanks, click sign up, and *poof* magic emailings will appear in your inbox.  We are planning to send the newsletter at the beginning of the month.  If something super exciting happens we may send out an additional newsletter, but we promise not to send daily emails and flood your inbox.

We all went to NAB this year and one of the cool things we found was Popp Sound's Walkie Caddie.  We love all our techie toys and the newfangled gizmos and gadgets, but sometimes it's the simplest solutions that blow our minds.  The Walkie Caddie really is a great way to free up your pockets and keep your sharpies from marking your clothes.  We have them in stock and we are way more excited about them than we should be.

It turns out we've been a little unsocial lately so to fix that we are going to try to get to know some of our Las Vegas neighbors better.  If you're a local in any part of the production field please feel free to get in touch so we can offer you a nickel tour of the shop.  We are going to make an effort to reach out and bribe meet people by offering doughnuts and coffee.  Everyone says this town is big, but anyone who's been here for a bit knows how small it really is and we should take advantage of that.

Hope all has been well with the 11 people that read this.  No, really, I get stats on that kind of thing.  Here's the obligatory reminder to check out our Facebook and Twitter.  Fernando keeps the Instagram account up to date, so that's a no brainer to follow.  So many beautiful gear pictures on Instagram.

Please sign up for our mailing list.  It will make us feel awesome and the more people that sign up the more pressure we have to do something fantastic with it!