The Sound Summit: LA and AES Convention

Stickman took a field trip!

Fernando was invited to The Sound Summit: LA to demonstrate how he uses Lectrosonics and Sound Devices equipment.  In typical Stickman fashion we showed up with a lot of gear.  We like to be prepared!  Marcus and I joined him and, for me, it was great to be out of the office and meet everyone.  It was a wonderful experience and we are really hoping they will invite us back for another one.  Did anyone else attend The Sound Summit?  We think they need to do one here in Vegas around NAB time.

Sound Summit LA

We took some time to enjoy an afternoon of sight seeing.  We  went to Santa Monica Pier, walked around a bit and watched the sun set.  We even made sure to get some ice cream.  Toes in the sand and everything.

Marcus Santa Monica

Friday was time for the 137th International AES Convention.  We got to see some friends that we only seem to run into at conventions.  Fernando played with every console in the building.  It was a bit smaller than we thought it would be, but it was still a lot of fun.  Playing with gear is always a good time.

We all arrived home in one piece and we're all still friends after rooming together in a house for a week.  Fernando was able to spend a little time back in Vegas before going back to LA for a few more weeks of work.  Marcus and I are back to our regularly scheduled work, which honestly, isn't regular or very well scheduled!  One of the many reasons we love our jobs.

For everyone working and/or attending the Life is Beautiful Festival next weekend we hope you have fun!  We know a lot of people that are doing both and it should be awesome.