Newsletter V2.3

Hello All!  Thought I should take a minute and make sure everyone is surviving summer.  We haven't melted yet, but there have been a few close calls.  I never did find a pool to use as an office.  Maybe next year!

The store keeps getting new merchandise.  We recently received our order of Pro-Gaff Tape,  Overcovers and Undercovers.  We are waiting for the other half of our order that contains windscreens and mic flags from Rycote.   Fernando has been doing a great job of taking pictures and posting them on our social media.  If you are looking for expendables, please check out our store front!

We lucked out this summer with our interns.  We've had a couple of great guys come through our shop and spend time with us.  We've also had some great clients willing to give them a shot and thankfully it has all worked out.  Craig has been A2'ing on TUF with Fernando and John has been going out on some interview shoots.  We'd love to pat ourselves on the back for helping them jump into the field, but it's really all them.  They have put in the time and effort to show up and learn

Fernando recently joined IATSE Local 695 so he is available for union shoots without a hassle now.  It was something he had been meaning to do for awhile and we finally got the paperwork filed.  He is about to renew is FCC paperwork also.  So much paper, so little interest in filing it all out.

Ebay made it possible to clear out some inventory so we could add a few new items.  Our most recent additions are these Ambient Tiny Lockit Boxes.  They have been working since they landed!

Ambient Lockit Boxes


The wish list never seems to get any smaller.  Keep an eye on our Ebay store for some more equipment that needs a new home.  We have a couple of 552's we will be selling and I think I heard that we might be putting some Zaxcom items up soon.  If you have any questions about our used gear, please contact us.