Newsletter V2.2

We've made it to May!  It’s been difficult to stay at work with the weather being so nice.  If I can figure out how to do my job in the pool this summer I’ll make sure to post pictures.  First step is to find a pool.

Marcus and I made to NAB last month for about a half day.  Fernando was working in California during that week so he wasn't able to make it.   Not nearly enough time to see all the goodies and say hello to all the people.  It was my first time there and I was overwhelmed by it all!  Next year I will be blocking off more time to go.

Some of gear just returned from working on a local feature.  We are hoping it doesn't get too much of an ego as it returns to the shop.  Fernando was able to go fill in a couple of days and he had a lot of fun.

The eBay store is up and running.  We made our first sale and currently have a few more things listed.  Marcus and Fernando are starting to go through the warehouse shelves as they figure out how to make room for the wish list.  If you or someone you know is looking for some well-maintained equipment please check it out.

The shop has been in full on prep to load another season of fighter.  Craig has been working his fingers raw making cables and Todd was assigned necklace duty.  The guys were amazing and the effort they put into their work really shows in the finished product.  I had 411 programming duty, but that’s mostly because no one else wants to do it.  I go into my office, put on a movie and have a paperwork free day.  There's a reason I volunteer for it.

Here's a picture of some kit prepping for TUF.  Those 411's and I are BFFs!


Here's one from when the guys were setting up and testing the rack systems for TUF.

TUF LA Prep Systems


Hope everyone is doing well and hydrating for summer!