Newsletter V1.2

February is here and things are picking up!

Season 2 of the Devil's Ride starts tonight on Discovery Channel. We are proud to be a part of the show again.  Fernando did not supervise this season, but that is our gear recording the sound of all those wonderful motorcycle engines.

The Ultimate Fighter is airing the 4th preliminary fight tomorrow on FX Network.  Did everyone see that knockout 2 weeks ago?  This is a very exciting season and it sounds wonderful also!

Fernando has been working on a few local commercials and having a lot of fun with those.  Last week he did a commercial for Counting Cars and was surprised when he realized that Mr. Koker was Count Cool Rider from Saturday Fright at the Movies. Anyone that has lived in Vegas for awhile should have some fond memories those scary B-movies.

Fernando has also been working a UFC fights.  He worked UFC 156 on February 2nd and he's really looking forward to UFC 157 on the 23rd.

We still have a few used SD 442's for sale.  $1200 a piece and that includes portabrace and piggin strap.  There are pictures on our Facebook and if you have any questions, please contact us.